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Data stock: EF_SOLVENTS_3_1_PUBLIC

Unit Group data set overview page

Data set: Units of volume (03.00.003)

Units of volume
Default Unit
Technical unit groups
Other units
  • pt (Imp)
  • bl (US dry)
  • fl oz (Imp)
  • cu ft
  • ml
  • US fl oz
  • bsh (US)
  • gal (US dry)
  • pt (US dry)
  • gal (US liq)
  • gal (Imp)
  • m3
  • bl (US beer)
  • bl (US fl)
  • pt (US fl)
  • l
  • gal (US fl)
  • ul
  • bsh (Imp)
  • bbl
  • bl (Imp)
General comment
Reference Unit Group Data Set of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).