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Elementary Flow data set overview page

Data set: aluminium (03.00.004)

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Elementary flow
Reference Flow Property
Mass (kg)
Emissions / Emissions to air / Emissions to air, unspecified
13Al;A 00;A 95;A 99;A 995;A 999;A999;A999V;AA 1099;AA1199;AC1NSDXQ;AD 1;AD1M;ALUMINUM;ALUMINUM, ATOMIZED;AO A1;AO Al;AQUANAL(R)-plus aluminum (Al) 0.02-0.2 mg/L;AQUANAL-plus aluminum (Al) 0.02-0.2 mg/L;AV00;AV000;Aa1193;Adom;Al;Al alloy;Al(0);Allbri aluminum paste and powder;Alumina fibre;Aluminium bronze;Aluminium flake;Aluminium, elementar;Aluminum (dust or fume);Aluminum (fume or dust);Aluminum (metal);Aluminum 27;Aluminum A00;Aluminum alloy;Aluminum dehydrated;Aluminum dust;Aluminum metal;Aluminum metal, alkyls;Aluminum metal, pyro powders;Aluminum metal, respirable fraction;Aluminum metal, soluble salts;Aluminum metal, total dust;Aluminum metal, welding fumes;Aluminum powder;Aluminum production;Aluminum pyro powders;Aluminum soluble salts;Aluminum welding fumes;Aluminum, elemental;Aluminum, molten [NA9260] [Class 9];Aluminum, molten [NA9260] [Class 9];Aluminum, pyro powders;Aluminum, pyro powders/welding fumes;Aluminum, soluble salts;Aluminum, welding fumes;C-Pigment 1;C.I. 77000;CI 77000;Emanay atomized aluminum powder;JISC 3108;JISC 3110;L16;Metana;Metana aluminum paste;NA9260;Noral Extra Fine Lining Grade;Noral Ink Grade Aluminum;Noral aluminium;Noral aluminum;Noral ink grade aluminium;Noral non-leafing grade;PAP-1;Pigment metal 1;aluminio;aluminium(0)
CAS Number
EC number
Sum Formula
General comment
Reference elementary flow of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).