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Unit Group Data set: Units of area (en) en
Data set information
Name Units of area
Class name : Hierarchy level
  • ILCD: Technical unit groups
General comment Reference Unit Group Data Set of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).
Quantitative reference
Default Unit m2
Compliance Declarations
Compliance system name
Approval of overall compliance
Fully compliant
Data entry by
Time stamp (last saved) 2012-01-04T15:33:14.875+01:00
Data set format(s)
Publication and ownership
UUID 93a60a57-a3c8-18da-a746-0800200c9a66
Data set version 03.00.003
Preceding Data set version
Permanent data set URI
Name Mean value Kommentar
m2 1.0 Square metre
ha 10000.0 Hectare
yd2 0.83612736 Square yard (imperial/US)
ac 4046.856 Acre (US survey)
cm2 1.0E-4 Square centimetre
mi2 2589988.11 Square mile (international)
ft2 0.09290304 British square foot
a 100.0 Are
nmi2 3429904.0 Square nautical mile
km2 1000000.0 Square kilometre