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Elementary Flow Data set: aluminium (en)
Data set information
Name aluminium
Synonyms 13Al;A 00;A 95;A 99;A 995;A 999;A999;A999V;AA 1099;AA1199;AC1NSDXQ;AD 1;AD1M;ALUMINUM;ALUMINUM, ATOMIZED;AO A1;AO Al;AQUANAL(R)-plus aluminum (Al) 0.02-0.2 mg/L;AQUANAL-plus aluminum (Al) 0.02-0.2 mg/L;AV00;AV000;Aa1193;Adom;Al;Al alloy;Al(0);Allbri aluminum paste and powder;Alumina fibre;Aluminium bronze;Aluminium flake;Aluminium, elementar;Aluminum (dust or fume);Aluminum (fume or dust);Aluminum (metal);Aluminum 27;Aluminum A00;Aluminum alloy;Aluminum dehydrated;Aluminum dust;Aluminum metal;Aluminum metal, alkyls;Aluminum metal, pyro powders;Aluminum metal, respirable fraction;Aluminum metal, soluble salts;Aluminum metal, total dust;Aluminum metal, welding fumes;Aluminum powder;Aluminum production;Aluminum pyro powders;Aluminum soluble salts;Aluminum welding fumes;Aluminum, elemental;Aluminum, molten [NA9260] [Class 9];Aluminum, molten [NA9260] [Class 9];Aluminum, pyro powders;Aluminum, pyro powders/welding fumes;Aluminum, soluble salts;Aluminum, welding fumes;C-Pigment 1;C.I. 77000;CI 77000;Emanay atomized aluminum powder;JISC 3108;JISC 3110;L16;Metana;Metana aluminum paste;NA9260;Noral Extra Fine Lining Grade;Noral Ink Grade Aluminum;Noral aluminium;Noral aluminum;Noral ink grade aluminium;Noral non-leafing grade;PAP-1;Pigment metal 1;aluminio;aluminium(0)
Class name : Hierarchy level
No records found.
  • ILCD: Emissions / Emissions to air / Emissions to air, unspecified
CAS Number 7429-90-5
EC number 231-072-3
General comment Reference elementary flow of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).
Quantitative reference
Reference Flow Property
LCI method
Type of flow Elementary flow
Compliance Declarations
Compliance system name
Approval of overall compliance
Fully compliant
Data entry by
Time stamp (last saved) 2012-01-12T15:51:20.479+01:00
Data set format(s)
Publication and ownership
UUID fe0acd60-3ddc-11dd-a72e-0050c2490048
Data set version 03.00.004
Permanent data set URI
Flow Property Mean value Minimum value Maximum value Uncertainty distribution type Relative StdDev in % Data derivation type / status General comment
1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 %